Ukrainian diabetes federation

All-Ukrainian Public Association for Diabetes Assistance "Ukrainian Diabetic Feleration". Certificate of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine AO 1 №093411 dated 02.06.1997
The group of enthusiasts who announced their intention to defend the interests of people with diabetes began their activities in Soviet times. In 1988, the first public organization for the protection of the rights of patients with diabetes was established in Kharkiv. It was not only the first association of diabetics, but also the first non-governmental patient organization. The movement began when people firstly heard about new ways of development and the possibilities of a democratic system. In 1993, the Ukrainian Diabetes Association (now the Federation - UDF) was officially founded. Since 1996, UDF has been a member of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). This was the key to the successful operation of the organization, specialy because successesfull Twinning with British Diabetes Association. Currently, the Ukrainian Diabetes Federation is part of a strong international diabetic movement.


to increase overall access to diabetes care.

advocating the interests of people with diabetes in our country and worldwide,

initiating the development and monitoring of the implementation of the National Diabetes Programs, participating in legislative processes,

working groups of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund,

discussing initiatives to change health care


Dissemination of best practices of the treatment and prevention of diabetes and protection of patients' rights throughout Ukraine.

To raise awareness about the state of diabetic care in the country, about the latest technologies, about the work of medical workers and about the activities of public organizations that protect the rights of patients with diabetes, the Ukrainian Diabetes Federation annually holds large-scale events for World Diabetes Day. printed publications and take active part in social net and the Internet.

The UDF has been implementing projects to improve the quality of care for diabetics, promoting therapeutic education for patients since 1992. At1993, by the initiative of the UDF and with the support of the British Diabetes Association, the first "diabetic foot" clinick had begun. Diabetes screening projects started from 1996; in 2011 UDF orginized first screened in the Verkhovna Rada. In 2013, the mobile project "To see a colorful world" was launched, which conducted a screening of diabetic retinopathy. and more-more

The Ukrainian Diabetes Federation promotes a healthy lifestyle and involves people with diabetes in activities aimed to increasing physical activity, organizing diabetic camps for elderly, holding Sports Games and Festivals, initiating a football project for people with diabetes DiaEuro (2012), which spread to throughout Europe, covering 22 countries.
The Ukrainian Diabetes Federation cooperates with any organization that is interested in protecting human rights, as well as openly inviting all groups and organizations of the diabetic community. UDF also welcomes people, interested administrators of groups and forums on social networks, voluntary organizations in a city or small town.


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