Про діабет

Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Highly Specialized Endocrinology Center of Vinnytsia Regional Council

The Regional Program "The Future of Vinnytsia Region in Preserving the Health of Citizens for 2016-2020" was approved by the decision of the 4th session of the 7th convocation of the Vinnytsia Regional Council No. 45 dated 11.02.2016, which includes sections on the provision of medical care to patients with endocrinological diseases (including diabetes mellitus), providing them with medicines and medical products, providing the clinical and biochemical laboratory of the KNP "VOKVETSVOR" with laboratory preparations and consumables for biochemical Analyzers.
Sources of funding: state and regional budgets. Amount of funding for 2019: state budget – UAH 666.3 thousand; UAH. (provision of patients with diabetes mellitus with insulin preparations upon discharge from the hospital or at outpatient reception in case of first prescription or transfer from one type of drug to another); regional budget – 400.0 thousand UAH; UAH. (providing the clinical and biochemical laboratory with laboratory preparations and consumables for biochemical analyzers for the determination of blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin). In addition, funds were allocated from local budgets. 3. Every year, the boards of the SDO are held, at which the issues of the endocrinological service, including the issue of diabetes mellitus, are heard. In addition to the new questions that are put in the task, the results of the implementation of the decisions of the previous boards are summed up. The Center has a school for patients with diabetes mellitus, on its basis in 2017 a Training Center was created in the institution, which includes: "School of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus", thyroschool, school for overweight patients. The training center was created for a wide audience: for patients, their family members, medical students, doctors and nurses, public organizations that deal with endocrinology problems and other interested persons. Such cooperation allowed the institution to reach the international level and work more closely within the framework of grant projects, in particular on the early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy using a fundus camera.

IDF Centres of Excellence in Diabetes Care
Specialists of the KNP "VOKEC VOR" and the NGO "VAUAE" have repeatedly won numerous grant projects in Vinnytsia region and implemented them to disseminate and improve awareness among the population of the region about diabetes mellitus.

In 2017, there were presentations of the books "ACCESSIBLE ABOUT DIABETES MELLITUS" and "PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND DIABETES", the release of which was implemented at the expense of grant projects. In 2020, the NGO "WAUE" won a grant on the topic "Detect prediabetes – prevent type 2 diabetes". Within the framework of this project, it is planned to conduct screenings for early detection of diabetes